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Frequently Asked Questions


-Debt consolidation in BC can be beneficial for you in many aspects. By opting for debt consolidation in Surrey from us, you can get rid of all the small loans or high credit card payments. In a go, you can clear everything. People do not have to make payments of several interest rates. Debt consolidation in Vancouver can be the best option as one has to pay a low amount of interest rate, instead of several interest payments they were paying before. In addition to this, one can save a large amount of cash which could further be invested in any other beneficial thing. We at Mortgage Helpline provide you with the best lenders and make sure the terms and conditions are favorable for you.

-The lenders are at a higher risk when they provide a second mortgage in BC, hence they consider some basic points through which they can be secured. One of the basic points looked after is equity. If you have higher equity then there are good chances of you qualifying for a second mortgage in Surrey. The second mortgage can be obtained if you contact us at Mortgage Helpline; we have a good knowledge of the market. A good credit score can help you get the mortgage within a short interval of time. The income of the borrower is considered too in the second mortgage.

-Though people face numerous challenges while qualifying for the mortgage in having a low credit score in BC. Still, there are chances as numerous lenders are there to help you after considering certain factors. Mortgage for low credit score in Surrey can be easily obtained if the borrower has a good income if you are capable of paying a higher amount of down payment. People with low credit scores in Vancouver can be easily obtained if the property value of the borrower is high. We at Mortgage Helpline bring numerous options of lenders for the borrowers at a reasonable interest rate.

-First-time buyers in BC often face the situation where they have to apply for a mortgage. The first point to consider is how much mortgage you need to buy the home. Most of the first-time buyers in Surrey opt for less than 80% mortgage where you have to make 20% or more down payments by your resources. This is called a conventional mortgage. There are first-time buyers in Vancouver who opt for less than 20% down payment and go for a higher mortgage which is considered a high ratio mortgage. One can take the help of the Mortgage Helpline for optimum guidance throughout the process.

One can easily get loans if they are new to Canada. There are diverse processes of documentation via which one gets the final approval. As you are new to Canada in Surrey, you should qualify for the terms and conditions of the mortgage. The points considered are if you are a permanent resident, furthermore, you have a good credit score then you can qualify for a typical mortgage. There are numerous programs for new to Canada via which one can get a mortgage with ease. Consulting us at Mortgage Helpline can help you save time and get positive results in a short interval.

– Yes, one has the chance to shift from the old lender to a new lender during the mortgage renewal in BC. Before making any sort of decision one has to take a close look in the market and find out the new lender who charges you a low-interest rate than the existing one. The process of renewal in Surrey can be handled with ease. The transfer of the mortgage is done via legal papers. Therefore, a Mortgage Helpline will help you get the entire information about this particular matter to make the right decision. By opting for the switching of the renewal in Vancouver, one can benefit themselves.